Meet Jake, an affable country junkman with a spare parts business. But not just auto parts -- human parts, too!  With the help of Hiram and Roy, his two half-witted sons, Jake roams the Georgia backroads in search of broke-down motorists in need of automotive assistance.

When he finds his prey, "Good Samaritan" Jake introduces himself to the stranded travellers and offers to check out their disabled vehicle. After
a quick look under the hood, Jake informs them that he has found the problem, but doesn't have the parts with him to fix it.  He offers to tow the weary travellers back to his shop to make repairs.  Relived, they agree, thinking the worst is over.

Once back at his isolated junkyard, Jake and his Boys forcibly abduct the hapless travellers and lock them away in the barn until it's time to "procure" their organs. See, not only is Jake an auto mechanic, he's a homespun surgeon as well!

Jake's associate in this rather insideous enterprise is a shady black-market organ dealer named Mr. Stone (played by Hollywood screen legend Ray Walston).  Stone pays top dollar for organs that he can sell to hospitals that don't ask too many questions.

One fateful summer night at the Stonewall County Peach Festival, Jake crosses paths with April Evans, a teenage beauty contestant competing that evening. Jake is totally smitten with her. See, April isn't your typical beauty queen. Besides being young and beautiful, she is also confined to a wheelchair.
Jake must have her for his own so he can fix her.

Jake sabotages the family's RV so it breaks down in the boonies and then he and the boys kidnap the whole family in order to get Jake's prize.  April's father, Cliff Evans (played by leading man John Saxon) puts up a valiant fight to defend his family, but is ultimately out-witted by the devious junkman. 

Using his homespun surgical skills, Jake vows to make April walk again -- and then walk down the aisle with him!  But April has other plans and Jake is about to find out just how mean and cunning his "Little Miss April" can really be...

Critic's Reviews for   "BLOOD SALVAGE"

"BLOOD SALVAGE does for rural mechanics in overalls what PSYCHO did for showers. " Atlanta Journal/Constitution

"BLOOD SALVAGE pulses with humor. The storyline is so innovatively outlandish."   Daily News

"Trashy good fun. Director Tucker Johnston keeps things moving at a rapid
clip."   TV Guide (

"Amusing and entertainingly twisted."    Video Graveyard (

"Grotesque, silly, tasteless, but a whole lot of fun."   The Hollywood Reporter

Horrorfest from director Tucker Johnston.  Low budget, but good, gory fun, the film gives 'salvage' a whole new meaning."
   AMC (

"It's got slobbering rednecks, it's got car chases, it's got maniac alligators, it's got Elvis on life support, it's got Ray Walston.  Drive-In Academy Award nominations for Danny Nelson, as Jake the junkyard surgeon."
                                                                                                                   Joe Bob Briggs, Joe Bob Goes to the Drive-In

"Lordy, if this Georgia-grown movie ever makes it to New York, it's going to be a megahit on the midnight circuit.  Scary and scuzzy, and at times, outrageously funny.  I haven't hid my eyes so much in ages."
                                                                                                                                                   Atlanta Journal Weekend

"Johnston juggles the comedy and horror elements nicely, greatly aided by the imaginative production design.
                                                                                                               Marty's Marquee (

"Good-natured horror flick... given a certain polish by writer/director Tucker Johnston."    Pitch Weekly

"BLOOD SALVAGE is a smart take on what's considered a stupid subgenre.  The film not only looks great, with plenty of attention to detail, but the acting is very good all around.  And there are lots of funny lines and moments to balance the explicit creepiness...leading up to a satisfying ending (that holds some surprises)."            
                                                                                                                                                     Video Eyeball Magazine

"Underrated film that many people haven't heard of.  What's good about this movie is it actually has a decent story and interesting characters, unlike many horror films you'll come across."

"Director Johnston keeps things rolling along admirably."   Variety

"A Southern Gothic tale with a heaping helping of macbre humor - sort of a Dixie-fried RE-ANIMATOR.  Jake's garage is a biomedical nightmare."    Fangoria Magazine

"Danny Nelson plays a Hooperesque backwoods patriarch whose road salvage work conceals his real dabbling
...trafficking in human organs salvaged from unwilling folks with car trouble...all presented with an unexpected degree of wit, pathos and polish."    Video Watchdog

"This film is so scary, that I'm willing to donate $10,000 to the charity of his choice if Mike Tyson or Buster Douglas have the guts to sit through the entire screening on  their own!"  Evander Holyfield, Heavyweight Champ

Danny Nelson, Nominated BEST BAD GUY 1991 Joe Bob Briggs Drive-In Movie Academy GOLDEN HUBCAP AWARDS


"Twisted and entertaining.  This is one of those obscure horror films made and forgotten. But this movie has all the parts of a classic. Smooth plot, understandable events, blood, it has it all. Watch this movie!"  Kasady

"Crazy and obscure little early '90's horror gem. There's even a fair share of effective humor in this sadly forgotten horror movie.  Highly recommended to fans of solid B-horror, if you can find it somewhere."   
"A great horror movie!  Well, in the B-movie sense anyway. It is greatly entertaining. If Hiram doesn't keep you laughing throughout this movie than you are living a sad life. It even has John Saxon in it, which some will recognize as the father in A NIGHTMARE ON ELM STREET. Ok effects, and a whole lotta laughs. If you are on a B movie hunt. Pick this one up. Shadow_Destiny

"Worth digging up. This is an entertaining film. It's kind of like a cross between DELIVERANCE and A NIGHTMARE ON ELM STREET. It's hard to find, but if you're a "B" horror fan you'll dig it. The real treat is the barn and the gadgets that the film makers came up with to illustrate the "salvage" operation. I wish we could see more of that. There's a surprising cameo by Evander Hollyfield (with ear complete - a little ironic given the subject of the film)."  kcleebs

"Pure entertainment. This movie is one of the best horror's I've seen in awhile. It rips off The TEXAS CHAINSAW MASSACRE and MOTEL HELL all throughout the movie, but it takes the same material and puts it in to something way better. The acting is good and the bad guys actually have a motive for doing what their doing. It's very logical, too. It makes you think. If you see this somewhere do rent it."   rott21

"This is a B movie that is actually good. It has twists and turns and keeps your interest. If you get to see this one, you'll like it. It has scary parts, and some are even funny, and the best part is the effects are real, and not computer animated. Rent this one or buy it if you can. Good movie. Low budget, but comes out nicely. Some famous faces are in this one. If you are a horror fan pick this one out. This is a good movie to watch right before going on a camping trip, or on a nice vacation."  missdaisy-1

"I'd never heard of this movie, so I wasn't expecting much, but I found it to be very entertaining. The hick family is more interesting than I expected. The father is a Christian fanatic who has made up his own code of morality. Upset at the death of his wife at some point in the past for lack of a heart donor, he's recognized a niche that can be filled. Though a hick, he is a mad genius.  A fun overlooked horror flick with hick organ farmers and black humor."  CriFI