Award-winning menu designs that capture the spirit of a restaurant and utilize study-proven menu engineering techniques to help encourage customers to purchase high-profit menu items.  (We also design Menu Boards -- see below).

"Menus today communicate more to customers than just the bill of fare. They are capable of setting a mood, building interest, enticing customers and creating excitement."    National Restaurant Association.

Menu Boards

Large format menu board design for order-at-the-counter restaurants.  Easy-to-read menu boards created for custom-sizes or to fit pre-existing menu board frames. 

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"Good menus are not created by good designers alone -- they are the result of an intelligent and thoughtful collaboration between the designer and the restauranteur.  A successful menu is a tribute to the designer's ability to translate the restauranteur's idea into graphics and words that express that vision coherently to the public."  
                                                                                                                                            Judi Radice, Food Industry Author & Consultant