Pre-Visualization is a ecomonical way for the entrepreneur to preview his/her concept in order to see what's going to work and what isn't before costly architects and contrators get involved.
Pre-Viz renderings also enhances presentations to investors, local officials and leasing agents with a tangible vision of the project being proposed.

Pre-visualization is an ideal way for the businessperson to present what they envision to collegues and focus groups for feedback

It i s also a great way for an existing business to test-drive a new look. And P re-Viz is also an ideal way to show paint color proposals to the city for approval.

Pre-Viz Rendering isn't limited to architectural / storefront imagery.

With the surge in popularity of food trucks and catering trucks, pre-viz has proven to be a good way to preview how advertising graphics are going to look on the truck before having it done.

Pre-Viz is even more important for the individual launching a start-up business, so he/she can preview things before spending personal funds to finance it. 

It's also a great tool to show potential investors on Kickstarter and other crowd-funding websites what the business could look like.

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